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Nike  Run by Brett Golliff

Designed by the ever impressive, Brett Golliff, the Nike+ Run was Brett's idea to 'take Lunagram fabric and weave it with smart wires that track your every

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Outstanding Shoes Makes All Fall Fresh Look. Lovely Colors and Shape.

Sketches on Behance

Sketches on Behance


Must say i'm definitley liking the work from designer, Dillon Patrick and his last few adidas Basketball sneakers. These particular, D Rose Dominate sneakers

Good sketching detail, variety and form explorations. Via 208558_Q4pijmhF2sKeXzTHm9SEtQpIp.jpg (333×1000)

Good sketching detail, variety and form explorations. Via - black and gold watch, male watches, name brand watches for women *ad

Sketchbook on Behance

Start off with rough pen or pencil then continue you to render them with marker or Digitally.

I'm assuming that these are hiking boots based on the structure. I like the colors chosen because it's different. Usually, you see a lot of natural earth tones for hiking shoes.