Suggestion: combine type, images and photos - overprint colour slightly transparent for this effect.

This poster represents an interaction between two systems of color. Each pattern of color possesses its own unity. Overlapping creates an even richer experience of unity and also a sense of depth through the use of transparency or transition.

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Volkskrant Magazine (Netherlands)

22 July 2016 — the best magazine covers this week — Volkskrant Magazine, 9 July 2016

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Barcelovers – Estudio Javier Jaén Published by Maan Ali

Barcelovers – Estudio Javier Jaén

A cool idea for a marriage invite (if only I knew two people who had the same initial and were getting married! My parents both have names starting with V. Typestanding with Javier Jaén, artist and.

Muhammed Ali on the cover of Esquire after being stripped of his World Heavyweight Boxing title, 1968

Esquire Magazine cover "The Passion of Muhammad Ali" by George Lois, April, 1968

Fine Fine books: Philip Jodidio: Tree Houses

Gift guide: For nature lovers - Houston Chronicle. The new coffee table book "Tree Houses: Fairy Tale Castles in the Air" (Taschen) by Philip Jodidio

Graphic Design & Print Layout #8  Designspiration n.d., Esquire: Art direction, design,  Rebecca Chew, viewed 13 August 2015, <>

Esquire: Art direction, design, etc. Design and art direction for a feature story in Esquire Singapore about greening the city state.