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Paradox and Empyrean : Photo

The Dance of Venus. An accurate scientific drawing of Venus amazing pattern around the Earth Did you know that Venus, our closest planetary neighbour, draws a beautiful fivefold pattern around Earth? She does this every eight years.

Casa Kike - bookshelves were needed for 16,000 books

Architect Visit: Casa Kike Writer's Retreat by Gianni Botsford : Remodelista. Books, books and more books.

Shelf life: Browsing in bookshops is rewarding in a way that surfing the internet can never be. (by Theodore Dalrymple)

'why second-hand bookshops are just my type' - theodore dalrymple, 2012 [telegraph culture article; 'as bookshops are displaced by the internet, the author of a new work on serendipity describes the joys of delving in dusty shelves']

Library feline...

Classic Tails Library Books Cats Tapestry Wall Hanging

"Classic Tails" tapestry features some of the feline paintings of Charles M. – an American painter famous for his cats. The first few in the series include "Frederick the Literate," "Remington the Well-Read," and "Max in the Stacks.


Someone seriously needs to hook the Viking up with this cold hard fact!