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"holding the magic in" | artist unknown

Amazing Digital Portraits by Sue Marino

:iconevniki: (Sue Marino) Selma by Evniki Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / People / Evniki An oldish one but I thought I'd upload it any way. Done in Photoshop with Wacom tablet.

paintwings:  “  Randis Albion.  http://randis.deviantart.com/gallery/  ”

I recently left my job as a deep sea diver. I worked for a large company that offers diving services ranging from salvage, underwater demolition, ship repairs, and search and recovery.

Pele metálica

character and/or race inspiration Art is Female wizard - 01 by witch sorceress sorcerer cleric druid


Fantasy Leather crown Dark Queen by Aetherwerk on Etsy. Looks like the queen from Snow White and the Huntsman

Elena Sai (Elena Zaitseva) is a talented digital artist from Kiev, Ukraine. In each portrait Elena combines realism with creepy features and makes a breathtaking disturbing masterpiece.

64e773db0b9b25291ffd6ca732031739.jpg 325×690 pixeles

❤️ ⚔ In the World of Fantasy ⚔ ❤️ ~ Group Board ~ May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

20 Manipulação de imagens surrealistas por Oleg Dou | Criatives | Blog Design, Inspirações, Tutoriais, Web Design

20 Manipulações de imagens surrealistas por Oleg Dou