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Cuartos Montessori - Revista Ohlalá!

Cuartos Montessori

Montessori Bedroom for a One Year-Old - limited amount of toys arranged on a child sized shelf, not thrown in a bin.


Love the chair.and did you notice the colored buttons n the chair.great way to re-design a nursery room or child's room with a pop of color.Cristiane Passos_ Montessori-would be cute baby room one day!

http://imageserve.babycenter.com/7/000/171/diZUUd7nQo8KoknO5Y5mmm4T7cHaYHK2 Montessoriano

Montessori para os bebês. - Janeiro de 2013

Home for books and toys

Another lovely Montessori-ish bedroom for a toddler. I really like the "house" bookcase, and the rainbow of playsilks on pegs. Lucas' room, from "Colorfool.

If you are thinking to make your home more Montessori friendly this post is for you! But wait, what is a Montessori home? A Montessori home is a home which has been created with the child’s needs in mind. It is important to have size-appropriate furniture and encourage the child from a young age to …

How to make a Montessori home room by room

We are slowly continuing the work of making our home baby and child friendly. I feel it's important that Frida has some space in each room which feels like hers, and which is accessible for her.