Dos tiendas ubicadas al interior de la Escuela de Artes de Singapur (SOTA) encuentran en la propia arquitectura de su huésped las claves de su diseño

In a happily shared space at the School of the Arts (SOTA) building in Singapore, food-meets-art with a PRODUCE designed retail mash-up of Kki Sweets and Little Dröm Store.

Wood shelving up the wall/pos counter reclaimed wood top

Wood shelving up the wall/pos counter reclaimed wood top- perfect workroom if the center tables could move around

Le cabinet Moon Hoon, basé à Séoul, a conçu une maison monumentale au volume original qui accueille de vastes espaces de vie avec entre autre un cinéma et une bibliothèque.

Visang House / Moon Hoon

Image 11 of 42 from gallery of Vi-Sang House / Moon Hoon. Photograph by Namgoong Sun

Stackable Shelves. Love the lights, makes all the difference.

The construction is a torsion box in that each wall is a separate MDF torsion box joined at the corners by half-lap joints. Then the frame was skinned with Birch Playwood.