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Anthony Ramos, who plays the dual roles of John Laurens and Hamilton's son Philip, invites us to spend a two-show day in the rooms where theatre history is happening every night.

when Hamilton says I have so much work to do in tomorrow there'll be more of us

You know in his head, he's roasted you seven times, probably brought up a sensitive topic, and everything you know and love is in flames. Yet he insists that you two finish this science project.

So dramatic, it's funny》》holy shit i saw a part of this pic but its so much funnier with lin wtf

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jonathan Groff, and Daveed Diggs told 'GQ' how their lives have changed now that they're headlining the biggest (and, well, only) onstage American-history rap spectacle ever.

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When your' supposed to be signing posters but you're anthony ramos & jasmine cephas jones and feel like slacking