Why was this removed, Lin?

History Fact: Angelica and her husband, John, did visit France around the time of the French Revolution and broke Lafayette out of jail.

Important things from an important musical. | 13 "Hamilton" Horoscopes From Tumblr You Didn't Know You Needed

13 "Hamilton" Horoscopes From Tumblr You Didn't Know You Needed

Yes that's like one of my favorite lines "She's married to a British officer" (oh shit)

These are surprisingly accurate.

Jonathan groff= a perfect melody, not too high or low, just like a perfect tea cup, not too hot or cold, perfect sweetness mixed with the light bitter taste of the leaves. >>> This is so oddly accurate

In case you were wondering... Maternal beatobixing occurs in Take A Break. Yup. That's what maternal beatboxing sounds like.

Maternal beatboxing occurs in Take A Break. That's what maternal beatboxing sounds like.

Moments from the music. | 13 "Hamilton" Horoscopes From Tumblr You Didn't Know You Needed

Moments from the music.

Why did I get the one right before Hamilton dies?

The more I learn about this cupcake, the more I love him. XD

"Lafayette: Dear Marie Antoinette de Lafayette, what to say to you?" -- the person who commented this is amazing xDD

!!! :))) I have no idea how many times I've listened to this song :))

I always thought that it was when Burr finally realizes what he wants

These ones are historically accurate. Dude I'm King George iii

Lin-Manuel had something to stand for: Hamilton.  Andrew Jackson, if you stand for nothing, then what do you fall for?

Inimitable and Original! Astounding Hamilton Fan Art From Around the World

Linnamon roll<<< Oh my gosh, this man is dream. I love him more and more every day

Linnamon roll<<< Oh my gosh, this man is dream.


Real quick, is anyone having the problem when you can't like stuff on Pintrest?

Actually in the PBS documentary Hamilton's America they said that what'd I miss is slow because Jeffersons been gone and he comes back and while everyone has moved on to rap he's still singing jazz

"Also, Lin has mentioned in the documentary that he had Jefferson rap slower, and have a kind of jazzy style to show that he has missed a lot of things.

I always think that the reason women's rights didn't come until the 20th century was because Angelica never got to meet Thomas Jefferson

airbender they do meet before Jefferson meets Hamilton LEARN YOUR FACts


Where can I get Aaron Burr fan club merch?

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dont forget with himslef whne he writes the Reynolds Pamphlet! oh Ham, why must you be so violent

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I’m takin this horse by the reins makin redcoats redder with bloodstains!