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On the Île Sainte-Marie in Madagascar, there remains 30 graves belonging to pirates who once lived there.

Native American Edward Curtis Apsaroke Man

Red Wing, a Crow Indian Brave, photo taken in 1908 in Montana by Edward S. The photograph illustrates this Crow Brave with streaks of white paint on his cheeks and hair, and a beaded buckskin shirt trimmed with ermine tails or white rabbit fur.

# Tente ludibriar a bússola que te martiriza, O hospede sombrio que de ti se aproxima, As valas já estão preenchidas, Flores por si só estarrecidas, As lágrimas não a trarão de volta, Nem a chuva no concreto escorrida. Texto: Marcelo H. Zacarelli -  Do poema: Um Dia após a Morte

* * CAT: " Dis thing beez so old, der's nuthin' in here's but dust. A purrfect place to rests or hides from enemies.

#Medusa - Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Testa di Medusa, c.1630

#Medusa - Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Testa di Medusa, c.1630

cemetery art

Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago - a US Postal Service train entering the final tunnel.

Grave of a Petey, Little Rascals Dog Died in 1938 in Silver Spring, Maryland

Grave Marker- Petey, the Little Rascals dog, grave in Silver Spring Pet Memorial Cemetery.


Cemeteries Ghosts Graveyards Spirits: Old For 145 years, this grave has been decorated with fresh flowers.