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19 Things to Know About the Samhain Season: Samhain is Not a God

17 Things to Know About the Samhain Season

There's been a rumor going around for decades that Samhain is a Celtic death god. It's not - let's talk about what the Pagan Samhain celebration really is.


From The Magical Druid - 5 Ideas for Celebrating your Ancestors. Great for the Solitary Wiccan/Pagan.

SONG OF SAMHAIN  Seasons of the Year-Aradia  This is from an old pagan tape that I cannot find anymore.  It is a beautiful song, and I wish I could find it again.  I found it in the 80's.  If anyone still has a copy I would love to hear it again...and of course I wish they would re-release it.

Samhain: Song of ~ Seasons of the Year-Aradia. This is from an old Pagan tape.

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Samhain: The end of the Harvest


Samhain Herbs Rosemary for remembrance Mullein Seeds for projecting abundance Mugwort for aiding in divination