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All-in-one, knitted wool, 'fashion' catsuits designed and modelled by Shirley Belljohn (left).

knitted cat suits designed and modelled by Shirley Belljohn (left). top and toe in stripes with gauntlets and over the knee boots.

Space age: fashion in the 60's which incorporated metallics, chin strap bonnets, and flat ankle boots (According to Vogue)

Back to the Future With '60s Space-Age Chic

space age fashion: "Dressed exclusively in Courrèges, a pair of bespectacled models appear as fashionable intergalactic representatives from the planet earth." Photographed by William Klein, Vogue, March


Example of weightlessness implied in fashion photography - feet photographed from below as if floating (link to ideas about grasping and having no stable ground)

1967 fashion.

Two models pose on a plexiglass throne by Quassar; model at back wears a fitted mini dress with pendant top, stripes at waist; model at bottom wears a fitted pink mini dress; Photo by Marc Hispard, April 1967

1969, Courreges mini dress; what's black and white and cute all over?

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