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Are you ready for a Lab puppy? 6 things to consider before buying a Labrador puppy.

6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Labrador

There’s a price to pay for buying a Labrador and it isn’t just money! We look at the costs and benefits of owning a Lab and help you decide if you're ready.

FACT#03: Labrador retrievers are active, intelligent, and alert. They are also easy to train and love being around people. Labs are excellent family dogs and are not noisy or territorial if trained properly. They are one of the best choice as family pets. They are gentle to other animals and people and are great as […]

black labrador in a leash. I think I'm obsessed with black lab puppies. We'll that explains this board because it is mostly black labs.

Not really, but if you have a lab you know they shed a dog every day

Funny Dog Hair Coffee Mug. Everything Tastes Better With a Little Lab Hair in it. It's really true. Labrador Retriever Coffee Mugs - Gift idea for dog mom or dad, dog lover, or dog owner - doglove, cute puppies. Must love dogs.

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Pupy Training Treats - This checklist can help you cover most things you need to have before you bring your new puppy home! - How to train a puppy?

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Caption said lab, but this pup has the beautiful weimeraner coloring. This type of lab gets that all the time! It's actually a silver lab, it's a new color that's been introduced to the breed but has yet to be identified with the akc!