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hahaha sasaeng Daehyun. (Zelo probably took Dae's cheesecake again... Boy needs to learn!)

when bang yongguk realize zelo with...

(Zelo probably took Dae's cheesecake again. Boy needs to learn!) B.A.P meme Youngguk Zelo & Daehyun

This is why Daehyun is my main bias in b.a.p xD Also his amazing voice~

Daehyun is my UB of BAP All the sides of him are amazing. I love Daehyun

Im Professional-Bias-Wrecker Jaebum | allkpop Meme Center

Im Professional-Bias-Wrecker Jaebum

Im Professional-Bias-Wrecker Jaebum>>> I'd freaking DIE ~Windy

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how are they not really popular yet is beyond me. Korea sleeping on them!