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Jungkook ❤ Unreleased picture from Flower Crew, which will be broadcasted on 15 & 16 July

JUNGKOOK ♡ SUMMER PACKAGE 2017 썸머패키지 2017 ~♡ #HAPPYBDAYKOOKIE #JUNGKOOK #HappyJungkookDay 01.09.17

Jungkook ~ BTS Summer Package 2017 His hair is god damn cute like his face❤😭😭

BTS | Jungkook | Warui Yume

BTS | Jungkook | Warui Yume

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Imagine fucking him backstage when he's all sweaty after their performance

Such a radiant smile! Always be happy bae! - Also known as Bangtan Boys or Beyond The Scene,

다시 RUN, RUN, RUN (NT: Es la letra de RUN) “♬ No pasa nada si no tenemos paraguas” (NT: En el texto original en coreano se hace un juego de palabras con la letra de RUN) 다시 RUN, RUN, RUN…


(I'm starting off with BTS in Run Japanese era) Hi I'm Jungkook I'm BTS Maknae I'm 19 years old and I can play the piano and I'm kind of shy