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Image copyright                  Waverly Labs                  Image caption                                      Pilot, el traductor simultáneo que se inspiró en películas de ciencia ficción.                                Imagine a una persona que habla en francés y la otra en español. Ninguno conoce el idioma del otro, pero conversan fluidamente y sin p

Earbuds translate any language into any language - The News Click 2

Fujifilm Instax Instant Smartphone Printer

Fujifilm Instax Instant Smartphone Printer

The Award Winning Teeth Whitener - Hammacher Schlemmer

You want to whiten your teeth quickly and easily? Use this Teeth Whitening device, an advanced and award winning teeth whitener capable of whitening teeth quickly with longer lasting results as compared to any other teeth whitening treatments out there.

Pencil Printer

A printer that uses pencil. No more expensive ink, and its erasable! Cottom here is a solution to the expensive ink we were just talking about.

Disposable cameras are a thing of the past, but you’ll want this camera in your present and future. It comes with a handy strap and a collapsable lens.

23 Super Cute Items You Need For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

You guessed it. this here camera :) w/ film of corse:) ============================== Fujifilm X UO Custom Colored Mini 8 Instax Camera - Urban Outfitters

Smart Health Talk Top Greening Your Life Tip.  Solar Powered Window Socket.  Are these awesome or what.  Think of the applications.  How about hotel rooms where they never have enough plugs. Could you carry one with you everywhere just in case of an emergency and your cell phone was dying.  Just shows what kinds of things we could invent.

Solar Powered Window Socket

Solar Powered Window Socket designed by Kyuho Song & Boa Oh - The Window Socket attaches easily to any window, harnesses solar energy from its location, and transfers that energy into an internal battery.

Leica... 85mm. dear santa....if you can put this in the front seat of the Nissian GTR I asked for that would be perfect!

Leica IIIG (ca + Summarex (ca. with optional viewfinder and lens hood. Not something I would buy, but it is one beautiful camera, like most Leicas are.

Computer Programming Language Infographic | Tech Revolution 3.0 | Scoop.it

Computer Programming Language Infographic

Computer Programming Language Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Technology category. Check out Computer Programming Language now!