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Image copyright                  Waverly Labs                  Image caption                                      Pilot, el traductor simultáneo que se inspiró en películas de ciencia ficción.                                Imagine a una persona que habla en francés y la otra en español. Ninguno conoce el idioma del otro, pero conversan fluidamente y sin p

Earbuds translate any language into any language - The News Click 2

The Gel Fridge.

this gel fridge Gross and Awesome! Gel fridge: put your stuff in it and the gel keeps it cool. when your reach in and take it out, the gel automatically reforms.

This is a continuation of our previous week's post going over the top 10 focus areas for IT in 2013. Here are the final 5 in the list…

Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Autoimmune Disorders - Alternative Health Center - Everyday Health

Nato dall’unione di vecchio e nuovo, iCade rende ancora più divertenti i media digitali perché li riveste con il manto un po‘ retrò dei videogiochi arcade. Qualsiasi iPad o tablet di altro genere può essere inserito dentro alla struttura di iCade in senso verticale o orizzontale per garantire un angolo di visione ottimale. Tutti i giochi compatibili con i nuovi dispositivi potranno essere lanciati su schermo e perfettamente controllati grazie al joystick collegati alla struttura via…

iCADE – iPad Arcade Cabinet How cool would it be to slide your iPad into a desktop-sized arcade cabinet and rock it old school with some Arcade games? Enter the iCADE iPad Arcade Cabinet! To use the iCade, gently slide the iPad into the cradle.

Life can be pretty unpredictable at times, luckily you’ll be prepared for any situation thanks to the multi-tool iPhone case. Whether it’s cutting through wires or carving a sphere for hunting down lunch, one of the iPhone case’s 16 tools will come to your aide.

Multi Tool iPhone Case

The Multi-Tool Utility Case is supposed to be a case for your iPhone that’s also a very useful toolkit. It has space for two precision screwdrivers, two ball-point pens, a nail file, a pair of tweezers and scissors, and even a kick stand.

Printer that prints in pencil powder, completely erasable.

Funny pictures about A printer that uses pencil to print your documents. Oh, and cool pics about A printer that uses pencil to print your documents. Also, A printer that uses pencil to print your documents.

It’s the world’s first, small, ultra-portable camera specifically focused on creating and capturing great content for Instagram.

What You Have Never Known About Cell Phones. Are cell phones something you're new to? Perhaps you just have an old cell phone and are considering getting a more upgraded one?

A circular shower that rinses you off from every angle. Repinned by sproutinc.com.au #sprout #sproutaus

26 Products You Can't Believe Don't Exist Yet

A circular shower that rinses you off from every angle. 26 Products You Can't Believe Don't Exist Yet

And tell me again why we aren't funding this

36 Awesome Products That Will Blow Your Mind

Funny pictures about The Muwi Lawn Mower. Oh, and cool pics about The Muwi Lawn Mower. Also, The Muwi Lawn Mower.

Would use you this solar powered printer? No ink required.

This printer doesn't use ink. It TANS (think suntan) the paper. So intriguing.

Computer Binder

Pink Keyboard Desktop Organizer From The Pink Superstore, This 6 in one Keyboard is an amazing desktop organizer and keyboard in one. I wish it was any other color but pink.

It's. A. Fridge. Holds items within a sanitized gel. And keeps them cold. Reach in to pull them out, without worrying about residue on them..... My mind is BLoWN. Read the article!

Technology and Inventions: Bio Robot Refrigerator - A non-sticky gel surround.

Plane, train and car solar Charger

ilovecybershopping: “ The Plane, Train, And Automobile Solar Backup Battery GO TO WEBSITE ” This would be pretty damned nifty. :D I love these kinds of gadgets!

The Snap camera is an instant camera that prints photo stickers

Polaroid Snap prints photos as stickers in 35 seconds [REVIEW]