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Lol yep basically xD just the other day in ballet class I almost missed learning a combination bc I was thinking of names for future horses ;

Sierra Rose ~ Slaughter-bound Survivor ~ Age 11.  “Your hand has the power to hurt me or to heal me..Look into my eyes to the heart of my soul and choose to heal me.” Margrit Coates, Healing for Horses.

"And I whispered to the horse: trust no man in whose eye you do not see yourself reflected as an equal" -Don Vincenzo Giobbe

And anyone who doesn't understand that will never understand you: | 21 Ways Your Life Is Completely Ruled By Your Pets

And anyone who doesn't understand that will never understand you:

<3 Truu.

'There is no secret so close as that held between a girl and her horse'. I love this quote so much. It's all about respect, love and the secrets between them which keep a horse and his rider connected.

learn to have a feel not to control

"The riders hands are not to control the horse, but to feel the horse's thoughts." And to let the horse feel you

Trust - Respect.

The most important thing in a relationship with your horse is trust. It took my rescue thoroughbred to realize how much trust our horses place in us and how much we need to trust them. It's the perfect relationship.

Horse quote. Once in love with horses, always in love with horses...yep!

I absolutely love Stacy! So blessed to have taken lessons from her

Equestrian- minus the jumper course... i drawl 3 barrels <3

Yes change the jumper course/ dressage test to barrel racing pattern or cuttin plan or reining pattern and it's perfect