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for the school room closet. Ballpark plastic cups become a wall of pen and marker storage. Two holes are punched into the back of the cups, then secured with zip ties through the cup and the pegboard. ¤♡¤ I would make use shorter cups

Ziplock bags, binder clips & shower curtain rings

SMART organizational idea for a variety of items. Shower curtain ring, binder clip and a ziplock bag. I'm thinking outside work room because its a narrow room and makes eat easier to put up the shower curtain rod or closet pole.

This was made from Crysal light containers.

Marker, pencil and tool storage was made by using Crystal Light and tin candy containers. Covered with patterned paper and then added magnets to the back of them. Her husband mounted two pieces of sheet metal purchased at a local craft store.

Cute idea

Shoe box + toilet paper tubes (and/or paper towel tube pieces) = storage for pens and other office/art supplies. This website also has additional paper towel/toilet paper tube project ideas.


Do you use a lot of glitter in your Christmas crafting? Store your glitter or colored sand in salt and pepper shakers! This craft supply storage idea is so great. - love the salt shaker rack, where to get?

Create a pretty and functional organized space with these awesome pegboard organization ideas!! //

Pegboard Organization

The Ultimate Kids Arts & Crafts Box Checklist: 50+ ideas for the best supplies to have around.

The Ultimate Kids Arts & Crafts Box Checklist

Great idea for organizing kid's school or art supplies! Aluminum cans with magnets on the back to organize art supplies.

18 #Perfect Playroom Storage Ideas ...

18 Perfect Playroom Storage Ideas ...

Peg Board Storage | Cook You Some Noodles

Peg Board Storage

How to Make a Giant Peg Board for Craft Organization - This project had been on my to do list for along time. I am so excited to get this baby checked off!

Good organisation ideas

Solutions to Organize Kids Art Supplies

organizing idea for kids craft supplies. Magazine holder for coloring books=YES. when my kids are older.

Best paper organizing system I have seen!!!         The Nest Effect: October Project: Conquer Paper Clutter

The best paper clutter organizing system that i have ever seen. I might actually concour the paper monster inmy space! The Nest Effect: October Project: Conquer Paper Clutter

Craft Storage Ideas for Small Spaces • Ideas, projects and tutorials!

Craft Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Best Diy Crafts Ideas : Craft Storage Ideas for Small Spaces Ideas projects and tutorials!