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Pit bull love

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Top 12 Foods Your Dog Should NEVER Eat!

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Pitbulls are dogs that some douchebags prefer due to their "tough" appearance. Don't blame a breed for the owners fault. Pitbulls are just dogs. Like any other.

Oh Florida... this is just one of the many reasons Fark gives you your own tag...

Doesn't it?

You can own a tiger in Miami, but not a pit bull. Stop bsl its an unfair & ridiculous practice! No bad dogs, just bad owners. Punish the owners not the dogs!

Baby pitbull ... The most misunderstood breed. I own a pitbull  and am here to say that if they are raised right they are the sweetest little angels ever~ <3

rescue shelter link with pitbull puppy These darling dogs are so unfairly maligned. the-heal-yourself-heal-the-world-board


Top Ten Reasons Why You Can't Trust Pit Bulls. Must Read especially for a Pit Bull lover.

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People tend to go to one extreme or another in their feeling about pitbulls, they have their detractors and fanatics. Me, I love dogs, whether they’re pitbulls, chihuahuas or mixed breed.

Cowardly people kill pits! Pit lover here!!! My pits are my babies!!!

Well put, Tater Tot. We do need to end BSL to save the lives of more dogs.