Oh gosh, I laughed so hard during this part xD

Add this one to the list for "They got a gif for everything" --- Wait I'm not this far yet, are you telling me this isn't a gag reel thing?

Oh my word!!!

Dimples & Freckles on

I love this so much, and I think it's awesome to recognize the sacrifices that they make to make the fans happy and their wives and families are pretty awesome as well to be accepting of that!

Hi hello welcome to Sam Winchester's greatest fear. It's not becoming a monster it's becoming estranged from his brother. So kindly go away if you think Sam doesn't care about Dean as much as Dean does about Sam. Excuse me while I go sob

alliekitaguchi: “ houseshead: “ hello welcome to sam winchester’s greatest fear not becoming a monster it’s being estranged from his brother kindly fuck off if you think sam doesn’t.

If Dean is installing a headliner, he's doing it wrong. He needs to watch some AutoRestoMod videos!