Family Photo by Ellert Gretarsson -- National Geographic Your Shot

Whooper Swans Photograph by Ellert Gretarsson, On one of my photography tours in Iceland I came up to this beautiful family of whooper swans. In the background is one of the many tongues of the Vatnajökull glacier.

Swans heart<3 often times swans come together to make a natural heart shape with the curves of their necks & heads. This is so symbolic of true love because swans seek out one mate & remain monogamous for life. Swans are also very affection to their mate & show undying love regularly by rapping their necks around each other & staying close to their mate their entire life<3

Die stille Macht der Pille

Elegant Swans - title Black & White Swans - by KEN OHSAWA

Me: "I just want to vandalize my bedroom wall ma" Mom: "No never. Fuck no" by