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The best quotes by Epicurus. Find quotations by Epicurus, Greek Philosopher, born 341 BC.

Thales of Miletus was a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, mathematician from Miletus in Asia Minor and one of the Seven Sages of Greece. Many, most notably Aristotle, regard him as the first philosopher in the Greek tradition. Aristotle reported Thales' hypothesis that the originating principle of nature and the nature of matter was a single material substance: Water. He was the first to define general principles and set forth hypotheses, and as a result has been dubbed the "Father of…

Thales' hypothesis that the originating principle of nature and the nature of matter was a single material substance: water.

Heraclitus (6C BCE).

Heraclitus quotes: "Eyes and ears are poor witnesses to people if they have uncultured souls." / "Much learning does not teach understanding." / "It is wise to listen, not to me but to the Word, and to confess that all things are one.

Anaximander, c. 610 – c. 546 BC, pre-Socratic #Greek philosopher from Miletus,Ionia. He understood the beginning or first principle to be an endless, unlimited primordial mass (apeiron), subject to neither old age nor decay that perpetually yielded fresh materials from which everything we perceive is derived (vs the existing mythological explanations of natural processes). And father of first evolution theory: Animals came originally from a moist environment, and human beings evolved from a…

Anaximander born 610 bc, Miletus [now in Turkey] died bc Greek philosopher often called the founder of astronomy, the first thinker to develop a cosmology, or systematic philosophical view of the world.

Gorgias l İnternet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Gorgias l İnternet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Georg HEGEL • Hegel foi um dos filósofos mais eruditos, com imenso conhecimento de arte, literatura, religião, filosofia, política e ciência, tanto de sua época como de épocas passadas. Criador do método dialético, que nas mãos de Marx daria origem à maior revolução desde a Revolução Francesa. FONTE: Zahar

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Pythagoras of Samos was an Ionian Greek philosopher, mathematician, and founder of the religious movement called Pythagoreanism.

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Plato & Artistotle (and Socrates) This commonly cropped part of The School of Athens by Raffaello Sanzio features the two famous philosophers, presumably arguing about philosophy. Aristotle was Plato’s student. Date: Artist: Raffaello Sanzio.