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Rupert Grint trying to sneak a kiss to his on-screen sweatheart Emma Watson

Emma Watson trying to sneak a kiss to her on-screen sweetheart Rupert Grint. I have seen the video also.

If we die, we die together

Can we just take a moment and appreciate that they are in a crumbling castle and about to be attacked by a snake and Ron is using BOTH of his hands to cover Hermione instead of covering/protecting his own face and head?

She's a mother, a lover, a hero, etc. . She's bloody Hermione Granger. The HP era equivalent of Marauder's Era of Lily Evans

Hermione Granger is more than just the brightest witch of her age. She is also the bravest strongest and kindest

Dan <3

I always found the movie scripted Harry to be off from the book. The awkward moment when the actor playing Harry Potter is a better representation of book Harry Potter than movie Harry Potter. This is gold.