river phoenix. people for the ethical treatment of animals t-shirt

River supported an animal rights activist group PETA, and did many 30 second ad campaigns for them.

River Phoenix PETA

River Phoenix is my dream boy (hell yes to that shirt)

Little RP

River Phoenix River Jude Phoenix was an American film actor, musician, and activist. He was the older brother of Rain Phoenix, Joaquin Phoenix, Summer Phoenix and Liberty Phoenix.

River Phoenix, c. 1988

standbyphoenix: “ “ River Phoenix in - ‘’He was impossible to take your eyes off of’’.

river phoenix - Szukaj w Google

I cant believe its going to be 23 years already since he died.one of my favorites growing up

River Phoenix  1970-1993

River Phoenix - he was the "it" boy of the and every teen girl had a serious crush on him - even me. Hard to believe he's been gone 20 years. So sad, Hope he's resting in peace. Gone WAAAAAY to soon.