Nico di Angelo *viria The My Chemical Romance song, Bulletproof Heart, reminds me of him for some reasons. Also Demons by Imagin Dragons.

Nico di angelo <3<-- is it just me or does this picture of nico reminds me of a young bucky barnes?-- THEY'RE BOTH FROM THE 1940'S BUT SOMEHOW STILL YOUNG IN THIS TIME PERIOD

and suddenly boys with ponytails got like 10 times more appealing to me some older! training Nico with a ponytail because I saw this post and got curious about how ponytail Nico would look like. So I obviously ended up doodling that and dang forget.

Nico is one of my favorites, I don't like him being gay though.

Nico used to be one of my favorites, I don't like him being gay. It kinda makes me sad actually.<< well you liked him befor and he is still the same person he used to be in the original PJO books.<<<< GAY NICO IS EVEN BETTER!

#Percy jackson

Read Chp 4 - Percy's POV from the story A Different Reality (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by RahCol with 934 reads. Percy woke up with the.

Leo, Percy and Nico I think they r most powerful

Leo, Percy and Nico I think they r most powerful<<<you forgot annabeth and reyna

Last Part of Nico Sunshine

Release the wave. Let it wash over me. To face the fear I once believed. By: Viria. Nico drowning in the sea

Nico, Nico, Nico *~*

Umbrakinesis is the FREAKING BOMB. And it's been forever since I've drawn Nico, so voila! Nico di Angelo/PJO (c) Uncle Rick Prince of Darkness

Wow,viria ,I'm loving /hating you right now ALL MY FEELS ARE RUNNING DOWN MY FACE LIKE RAINBOWS.<<< NOT OKAY RIGHT NOW

Wow,viria ,I'm loving /hating you right now. Yes I love voodoo doll by