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passionfruit--basically tastes like sugar and lychee, feels kinda like snot but…

Paintings by Dennis Wojtkiewicz - Yeah that is a painting!

Fruit and Flowers Paintings by Dennis Wojtkiewicz

Guavas are a very common type of fruit but are often neglected because of their hardness & presence of seeds. Here are the different benefits of guava that will change your mind!

31 Amazing Benefits Of Guava (Amrood) For Skin, Hair, And Health

La granadilla, similar a la maracuyá. / The granadilla, similar to passionfruit. #fruit #granadilla

Grenadia: The best of the already impressive passionfruit family. Less acidic and more flavorful than its siblings. It is also great fun to peel and eat. Native to Northern Parts of South America.

Star Apple — Called “caimito” in Spanish, it has the rare quality of being purple/blue inside, but delicious and sweet, with a wonderful aroma.

Star Apple( TASTED ♥♥♥♥) The fruit is round, purple and has a thick, latex filled skin. If the fruit is cut horizontally, a clear star pattern can be seen in the white purple pulp. The fruit is delicious fresh, with a intense sweet taste.

The most yummy look of longan! The sweetest ones I found were on the Big Island of Hawaii

LONGANS: The shell peels off like an egg, and the fruit itself tastes almost alcoholic with a sweet bubblegum aftertaste.

GUANABANA planta medicinal; propiedades

Guanabana, also known as the cancer fruit for it's cancer curing properties. Appearances are deceiving here. This fruit is sweeter than candy!


Another: Passion fruit. I was a lucky child. The vines grew through trees in the Kenya garden and I climbed up to get them. The best fruit, no question.

Cas fruit makes a very tart juice that is so high in vitamin C that it burns the inside of the mouth and acts like a three-day laxative.

Cas is normally found for sale year round in the supermarkets across the country in Costa Rica, or picked from your host family's tree-delicious!

Pick this tropical fruit to smooth your skin, get rid of bloating, and help sinus problems. | Health.com

Papaya Power

Ha was growing a papaya tree because they are her favorite fruit. But when they had to leave Vietnam her papaya tree was left behind and she was sad

As their name suggests, Hawaii Mountain Apples are found in Hawaii. They are red fruits that have a sweet taste and a texture similar to pears. Unlike regular apples, Hawaii Mountain Apples have thin skins that require very gentle handling, which is why they are usually only found at farmer’s markets.

7 Rare Tropical Fruits to Eat on Your Next Island Vacation ...

Saturdays with Maggy: Exotic Fruit Mountain Apple (oh, that's what they're…


Fruit from colombia: Granadilla, it is not Passion fruit but it is from the same family. There are many varieties

#Colombian #fruit: #Maracuya - like an ultra-sour passionfruit, maracuya definitely makes one of Colombia's most popular fruit juices.

Colombian fruit Maracuya is like an ultra-sour passionfruit, and definitely makes one of Colombia's most popular fruit juices.