The Shrigley corners

Elbums on Behance by Benjamin Elbel. How it works : the postcards are housed in sort of corner-frames ; which are then sewn to one another and to the concertina

encadernação seta. Luisa Gomes Cardoso para o Canteiro de Alfaces

encadernação seta. Luisa Gomes Cardoso para o Canteiro de Alfaces

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Elbums - based on one of Benjamin Elbel's paper engineering innovations: a structure that holds postcards or photographs by pinching one of their edges into its pockets.

I created this as a specially commissioned  birthday present for a travel-loving friend. The book is about 6 inches square, and has an unusual binding that's a combination of French and Coptic stitching. I only attached the back of the text-block to the cover so that the stitching would be exposed.   The outside cover is a beloved pair of the recipient's favorite shorts that had to be consigned to the rag pile, only to be resurrected in a new life as part of a half binding. The spine and…

Matt's Travel Journal handmade by Ruth Bleakley with interior bouquet marbled endpages and exposed stitching. exterior book cloth made from recycled pants.

cor aerssens: boxmaker/bookbinder-the netherlands

cor aerssens: boxmaker/bookbinder-the netherlands make a perfect addition to hertiage album with mementos in pop-up pages.

Choni encuadernación: noviembre 2010

A collection of books with removable leaves for different illustrators by Choni Naudin. Inner spreads are attached to the spine through a system of origami, without glue or sewn tabs, allows the extraction of pages.