Frank Lloyd Wright - Falling Water

An truly iconic piece of architecture. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Fallingwater was born out of the Arts and Crafts movement. Have to see this place! Fallingwater, Pennsylvania, US

*m. Falling Water designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935. he was born in 1867! - what an amazing mind to have timeless ideas that changed the way we look at space and live in it.

Visiting Frank Lloyd Wright's Masterpiece: Fallingwater

Frank Lloyd Wright 1935 Falling Water, multi element Architecture Over 500 of his designs were created; designed structures that were in harmony with humanity and its environment, a concept he called organic architecture

Casa en la Cascada - Frank Lloyd Wright, Arquitectura, diseño, casas Más

Image 3 of 14 from gallery of AD Classics: Fallingwater House / Frank Lloyd Wright. Photograph by Lee Sandstead

"Falling Water" | Frank Lloyd Wright designed this spectacular home in 1935 partially over a waterfall.

Triumphs of Vision Falling Water - Frank Lloyd Wright. Very modern but entirely designed to make the most of the setting. Love that!

Fallingwater - designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935 - Allegheny Mountains, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, USA

Frank Lloyd Wright Style House - The water adds great dimension the the architecture seen here. The rill seems come out of the house. The color of the house is similar to the color of the trees and makes it becomes one part of the the forest.

I love the sleek design combined with the beauty of nature! koperkoorts: Falling Water - Kaufman House by ~rubrduk:

I love the sleek design combined with the beauty of nature! koperkoorts: Falling Water - Kaufman House by ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

Photo Place: Interesting, Falling water In Pennsylvania.

Falling Water, house by Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater or Kaufmann Residence is a house designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935 in rural southwestern Pennsylvania, 43 miles km) southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United

So reminds me of the Cullens' house (and yes, I'm embarrassed to think that way, ugh)

Architects that bring nature to your house

Falling Water, Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous design. This house was designed in near Bear Run, Pennsylvania. Probably the coolest house in the world. I want to live there.