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On 18 January Danilo Couto and Marcio Freire ended up being the first to surf Jaws Peahi paddling, surfing the wave to the left side. They did not have jetski assistance and utilized on their shorts and their surfboards.

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Para empezar (bien) ka semana

I want to surf big waves! Tag a friend that you want to go surfing with! Photo cred: by beforeidie


Ok now that s talent, even manages to drink his bottle in the process lol! This will be my kid haha

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The Sun always gifts us with its light . The waves gift us with its transformational power. We are the Sun and the Waves, our soul emerges through the power of transformational change. Sunset on the Beach by Vitaliy Sokol

Little girl surfing

Wish I started surfing when I was little so I would be a pro.


The oldest and most prominent big wave contest is the Eddie named after Oahu north coast Hawai'ian lifeguard and internet user Eddie Aikau. Another big wave surfing.

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