Japanese garden

Garden: Old Stone Ideas Or Mossy And Rich Plants On Mesmerizing Japanese Garden Design Plus Hanging Lantern: Eco Friendly Japanese Garden Design Ideas with Stone Made Decoration

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Kyoto - Zen garden has 3 features, the sky, the land and the water. The water is represented by raked pebbles in ripples. Stones are the islands (land) and trees represent the sky or heaven. The gardens are quiet for contemplation

庭園ギャラリー。日本庭園・和風庭園など、こだわりの庭の設計施工。創作庭園専門 渡部造園

庭園ギャラリー。日本庭園・和風庭園など、こだわりの庭の設計施工。創作庭園専門 渡部造園