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Winged Victory~the Louvre in Paris, France

Has anyone noticed that Nike statues are always headless? of Victory! Winged Victory (Nike) of Samothrace, Greek statue (marble), century BC (Musée du Louvre, Paris).

Ángel o demonio

mastery-art-perfection-beauty: “ghostlywatcher: “ Angels and Demons statue, Piazza Del Popolo.

the arch angel

Michael’s Victory over the Devil statue at St. Michaelis Church in Hamburg, Germany. Michaelis is one of Hamburg’s five main churches. — Shades and Shadows)

Abandoned cemetery by Renegadeofpeace This must have been beautiful in it's day.

Abandoned cemetery by Renegadeofpeace / graveyard / gravestone / headstone / statues / urban decay / reclaimed by nature

The monumental Cemetery of Staglieno, Genoa, Italy, unknowm sculptor, unknown photographer ©

The monumental Cemetery of Staglieno "Oh My Goodness! Beautiful and Sad"


This would look so out of place in my garden, but it's a beautiful image.

Statue at Zentralfriedhof Cemetery, Vienna Austria. Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert, and Strauss are all buried there.

Zentralfriedhof statue in Vienna - It blows my mind that this is a piece of stone and it still looks like a veil covering a face. Many years ago it was something of a test of skill for a sculptor to create a veiled face. This is one of the absolute best.

Mourner, Montparnasse cemetery | Paris, France | William Kimber | Flickr

A pleurant statue in Montparnasse Cemetery, Paris. Pleurant (French) or "weeper" statues represent the eternal grief at the loss of a loved one. I have long been fascinated by the depth and detail that goes into cemetery statuary.