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Shigaraki.... magnifique

Chawan Wabi Sabi Japanese Style Shigaraki Clay Tea Bowl Matcha Tea Ceremony Teabowl George Watson, what a wonderful finish

My introduction to ceramics began at the Harrogate School of Art. After which I gained a 2 1 in Ceramics/ 3D Design at Wolverhampton Polytechnic followed by PGCE at Birmingham Polytechnic. The work is coil built, burnished and saggar fired. Inspiration is from a number of sources: erosion or weathering, just as the patina of age takes its course over any surface subjected to the elements, so the smoke and the added ingredients placed in the saggar, such as salt, wire, oxides, make their

My introduction to ceramics began at the Harrogate School of Art.

Pippin Drysdale ●彡

In Pippin was named a Master of Australian Craft by the Australia Council for the Arts.

Sinéad Fagan

Best Ceramics Tips : – Picture : – Description Sinéad Fagan -Read More –

grande jarre oxydée Claudine Nicostrate

grande jarre oxydée Claudine Nicostrate This looks hand built but could be am idea for a thrown and altered piece.

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Cool turquoise + warm yellow - Jack Doherty /soda fired in a gas kiln.

French Raku Studio “la porte du soleil” http://www.veniceclayartists.com/french-studio-la-porte-du-solei/

The ancient Japanese practices of Raku are still honored in their courses. For example in the creation of the Japanese tea ceremony bowls ( chawan ) irregular, uneven, flawed, sometimes rough form is encouraged to enhance there organic charm.