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El Maestro Del Dinero - 03 de junio, sólo en cines. - YouTube

The Truth - The Rothschild Family - Worlds Only Trillionaires Full Documentary The "illuminati" : "what is zionism" : "freemasons" : "anti-christ" : "all see.

Jordan Maxwell On Paris Attacks, Friday 13th, The Knights Templar and More! Published on Nov 17, 2015  Please Support The Show – http://richieallen.co.uk/  https://www.facebook.com/therichieall... http://www.youtube.com/RichieAllenSho...

Jordan Maxwell On The Dark Secrets Of Christianity, Islam And Judaism. The Richie Allen Show Published on Oct 2015

FBI Hit With Massive Backlash From Americans Labeling Them 'Corrupt' For 'Rigging' Hillary Clinton Investigation Into Mishandling Classified Information And Not Charging Her For Crimes She Committed

DEEP UNDERGROUND BASES & THE SATANIC BREAKAWAY STATE -- Dr. Richard Sauder - SGTreport.com : Published on Sep 30, 2016  With more than $6.5 TRILLION missing from the Pentagon and countless top secret deep underground military and government bases scattered across the United States, it's clear that the deep state - or breakaway civilization - is taking our nation, and the world, in a very dangerous direction. Author Dr. Richard Sauder joins me to discuss his studied work in this area, work...

Interview: Deep Underground Bases and the Satanic Breakaway Civilization

The Queen Says ‘Four More Icons Must Die’ In 2016 - YouTube

The Queen Says ‘Four More Icons Must Die’ In 2016 - YouTube

American Soldiers in Russian Military Parade

American Soldiers attend and march in Russian Military Parade (May guess who didn't attend. a parade celebrating the end of Fascism.