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Fishing in British Columbia - Understanding Chironomids

Fishing in British Columbia - Understanding Chironomids


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Written by: Mark Weaver, The High Lonesome Ranch Fish in spring-fed mountain ponds can be both spooky and picky, so fly choice is important. Photo courtesy The High Lonesome Ranch Our fishery here at The High Lonesome Ranch starts at 7,200 feet in the Western Colorado Rockies and works its way down the North Dry Fork Valley into a series of spring-fed beaver. . .Read More »

Top 10 Flies for Mountain Stream-and-Pond Systems

Stillwater Midge Fly Pattern - TH Zebra Midge -- The zebra midge is a great stillwater fly pattern where chironomids are present. Chironomids can represent a significant portion of the trout's diet in stillwater.

Fly Fish Food -- Fly Tying and Fly Fishing : Purple Haze

Purple is the new gray The Parachute Adams is arguable the most effective dry fly on the planet.

Green Red Butt Chironomid Pupa Fly Pattern

John Kents Top Ten Chironomid Proven Chironomid Larva Pupa fly Patterns for Fly Fishing the Trophy Trout Stillwater Lakes of Beautiful British Columbia!

Black and Gold Chironomid Pupa

Black and Gold Chironomid Pupa - Black is a go to chironomid pupal body colour and the addition of a gold holographic tinsel rib makes this fly stand out amongst the crowd.