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The perfect model for coziness

cat ♡

Maine Coon vs Norwegian Forest Cat

So beautiful will someone plz buy me a kitten like this and I will name it…


30 Happiest Facts Ever

Fedezd fel és oszd meg a legszebb képeket a világ minden tájáról!

Gatito  #

Baby Maine Coon, so sweet

Cats - Katzen

Cat: "What does it look like from your angle?

Oh hell no!

Finally, a convenient way to carry your furry friend everywhere you go. Perfect birthday gift for all your friends. Which are cats.

Rugrat by bikeracer @ Flickr

Tungsten months old.


Kim Kardashian's sad persian teacup kitten mercy I WANT

My little girl Astrid. She is 50% ragdoll 50% birma.

umla: (via Pin by Pam ❥ on natural

cats and russian blue image on We Heart It

tiny place happy but


Its a two headed fox

p i n t e r e s t: ellalee57

p i n t e r e s t: ellalee57

Why My Cat Is Really Sad

My cat is sad because when life gives him lemons he can't make lemonade because he's a cat.

Normally I hate it when people dress their pets in clothes, but I'll make an exception for this polka-dot bowtie :)

kitty + bow tie = cutest thing ever