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A quote from Miguel de Cervantes who was a famous novelist about love, which was one of the things he was known for

Love and desire are two different things; one doesn't love everything you desire nor desire everything you love.

Los primeros años

the 40 first years of childhood are the most difficult

La forma de entender la vida (Repineado x @ljimenez1981)

Sometimes it is not necessary to change the page, sheet, book. Sometimes you just simply change the way you interpret what is written.

La mejor de mis historias eres tu, esa es tu frase que me dices todas las noches cuando dormimos juntos...

No seré tu primer pero si la mejor de tus historias I will not be your first but if the best of your stories

Tú que libro recomiendas? #motivacion #lectura #frases

"Seeing someone reading a book you like is seeing a book recommending you a person"