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i dont trust anyone which some friends & family find quite nasty but its just in my nature & ive been proven right too many times.

There are about 4 people right now who need a heads up with this one haha

Zodiac Symbol: Scorpion Zodiac Element: Water Zodiac Quality: Fixed Sign Ruler: Pluto/Mars For your Moon, Rising,.

Scorpio - Approved Zodiac Mind Scorpio Quotes Image Compilation: 51 Picture Quotes About Scorpio from ZodiacMind.

Dont take me for granted

as a Scorpio others don't realize just how nice you are. you only get ruthless when people start taking you for granted.

So So True!  I do this ALL the time!!!

Scorpio quote "Very true, just because I don't talk to you about it doesn't mean I don't know about it." They know, don't lie to your Scorpio or the games will begin and they are more ruthless than you and play only to win.


More amazing zodiac facts here yep thats me when the world knows she's in the wrong yet she's blaming me for her shit I just cringe and just get all Jack Nicholson .