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‘Svintus,’ designed by Art Lebedev Studio is a power extension transformed into something very unique. You get 17 snout-shaped outlets in all, and it even has a built-in circuit breaker to protect your devices.

organizador de cables

Dotz Cord Identifiers

Dotz helps identify your cords.a little OCD but a good idea if you have time to worry about it when connecting them!

A printer that uses pencil to print your documents

A printer that uses pencil to print your documents

A printer that uses pencil. No more expensive ink, and its erasable! Cottom here is a solution to the expensive ink we were just talking about.

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What Does Your Game Console Say About You? [INFOGRAPHIC]

You know what they say: The Xbox doesn't fall too far from the tree. This infographic hilariously breaks down what your game console says about you.>>>It's true about xbox one

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Настенные часы в кукольный дом

кукольная миниатюра

smart design-really good idea. will have in next house if I can find for American outlets.

Phone case

22+ Of The Coolest Phone Cases Ever

Push your headphone into the rubbery maze surface of this protective silicone case to prevent them from tangling. You can also squeeze your earplugs into the holes provided at the end of the maze.

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