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International No Diet Day: A Compendium Of Terrible Vintage Diet Ads - In celebration of “International No-Diet Day,” let’s take a look at some truly awful weight-loss advertising of yore. These vintage diet ads from magazines and newspapers espouse novel ways to “wash away fat” and “reduce your flesh,” and assure us that popularity and “slender ankles” can be ours if only we buy whatever snake oil, fad or better-living-through-chemistry creation they’re selling.

Rubber garments for sweating off weight. Just one in a long timeline of crazy weight loss fads.

22 Vintage Adverts That Would Be Banned Today

22 Vintage Adverts That Would Be Banned Today

Old advertisement last behind in a building that used to manufacture these. My mom's architecture firm just relocated into this building! How vintage! Great subject matter! Toooo Cute!!! Love!!!

This is an old advertising poster that was left in the building that my mom's architecture firm moved into! Love the vintage and love the subject matter!

Olden days.

Keep Dry The Feminine Way - Piper Female-Dri Garment - NEW--nothing else like it! An easy, sanitary way to help stop the embarrassment of.

Bing Crosby ads for Philco & Fleers (1946)

Bing Crosby ads for Philco & Fleers (1946

"When their jive talk gives you the heebie jeebies. Bing Crosby ads for Philco & Fleers

geritol ['if you feel run-down because of tired blood, take fast acting geritol']

Unknown’s Geritol – After Flu, Cold, Sore Throat. If you feel run-down because of Tired Blood Take fast-acting Geritol

Dimple Machines  High-tech inventions to improve your appearance have been around forever, but one of the weirdest is Isabelle Gilbert’s dimple machine, which hit the market in 1936. For ladies who just couldn’t live without those two little divots in their faces, this machine—which consisted of spring-loaded knobs that pushed into the cheeks—was a lifesaver. Unfortunately for the inventor, the dimple fad didn’t last too long, and wearing the contraption was incredibly uncomfortable.

Woman Invents Dimple Machine (Oct, “ Woman Invents Dimple Machine DIMPLES are now made to order! These aids to beauty can be produced as the result of a new invention by Isabella Gilbert of.

For the woman afraid of technology's progress, a set of horse blinders

10 Retro Ads That Made Women Look Like Complete Idiots- The ad mentions Evansville!

MEDICATED ELECTRICITY?  Conveys the Balsamic vapor to the remotest parts of the Air Passages and Mucous Membranes, thereby healing them and restoring them to health!  MEDICATED ELECTRICITY: The gift that says “I paid a man $1 for a halfpenny of vinegar, because I love you!” "

Looking for a late Christmas present? Need a gift for that last day of Hanukkah? Why not… MEDICATED ELECTRICITY? Conveys the Balsamic vapor to the remotest parts of the Air Passages and Mucous.

My kind of mom!  I also got Anisette liquor for any dental work, or for just feeling existential angst....

Vintage cola advertisement by the Soda Pop Board of America: 'For a better start in life, start Cola earlier!' How things change!

Rich's Children's Menu--Born And Raised In The South...,: M.R. Rich & Brothers Co. (Rich's Department Store, Atlanta)

Rich's Department Store was founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1867 by Morris Rich, a Hungarian-born immigrant. The business expanded .