Angels by Caiteyb

Angels love you and are here to guide you, if you ask. When you become in tune w/your guides & angels (& reject the manipulative dark ones pushing your wounding) you will notice the signs they give to you to guide you through your day.

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When you think your Faith has failed you, all your hopes and dreams are gone, listen for the Angel voice that whispers, "Just hold on". X ღɱɧღ

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So many are praying for you keeping a vigil for you many you do not even know Angels of light pray and watch over you Pray for faith Open your heart to

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COMMUNICATION WITH ANGELS  Get direct help from heaven. Aids in reaching mental perfection and connect to the inner self. Channels positive energy. Balances moods, and removes bad luck.

When you're having one of those days where you just feel stuck, you simply need to ask for intervention. Never forget their divine presence.

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Previous Pinner: "Shiloh Lucia Hunter, truly an Angel in Heaven!~" Prayers for all with special angels in heaven.