David Zinn

Among their many skills, flying pigs are good at offering directions to bewildered reptiles. Ann Arbor Summer Festival: Top of the Park, Michigan (July - street art by David Zinn

Sluggo, David Zinn

Emergent Sluggo and friends Ann Arbor Summer Festival Installations, - David Zinn

David Zinn - Visionary Gift

A visionary solution to a perennial problem: slugglasses. (December - street art by David Zinn

Enjoying winter in Ann Arbor is next to impossible. Luckily, that’s where Sluggo spends most of his time. Demonstrating that enjoying the weather is 99% attitude and 1% lime-green Speedo. Sam's Store grocery shop, Ann Arbor, Michigan (February 12, 2014) - street art by David Zinn

Do you remember Sluggo, a bright green inhabitant of Ann Arbor, Michigan, we wrote about almost two years ago? Chalk-drawn by a local artist David Zinn, this

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David Zinn: The game would be more exciting if we had more cards, but we’re only playing for peanuts.

Artwork by David Zinn www.zinnart.com Photo by Mike Langford   #davidzinn- More #streetart at www.Streetart.nl

Live on Washington, Ann Arbor, Michigan (June - , street art by David Zinn (himself)

Street Art Graffiti

david+zinn+sidewalk+art Sidewalk Chalk Art Of Sluggo By David Zinn Amazing Street Art .

David Zinn. 'Ballad of the Back-Seat Rampager'

David Zinn - " Ballad of the Back-Seat Rampage," located at Cafe Felix located on Washington Ave. in Ann Arbor, MI.