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Asombrosas fotografías de copos de nieve | Notas | La Bioguía

Asombrosas fotografías de copos de nieve

Russian photographer, Alexey Kljatov, takes stunning photos of snowflakes. Using a homemade rig, Alexey is able to capture an extreme close-up of an individual snowflake.


The Artistry of Nature - Snowflakes Up Close A stellar dendrite Credit: Kenneth G. A stellar dendrite. Stellar means star-like, and the word dendrite comes from the Greek work for tree.

Copos de Nieve : Asombrosos.

Copos de Nieve : Asombrosos.

"Snowflakes are made of ice, yet ice alone does not a snowflake make." Kenneth Libbrecht, The Snowflake: Winter's Secret Beauty Photo: W.

Hermosas fotos de copos de nieve y ¿cómo se forman? | Planeta Curioso

Snowflakes--Physics professor Kenneth from California Institute of Technology has been studying snowflakes since Using a special device, he shows us what they look like in reality.

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Amazing Closeups Of Snowflakes Give A Little Glimpse At How Awesome Nature Is

Snowflake macro photo: Asymmetriad, relatively small stellar dendrite crystal with simple structure, sparkling on bright brown-blue gradient background in LED back light

" A tus ojos cansados traigo una visión de un mundo diferente, tan nuevo, limpio y fresco, que olvidarás el dolor y las penas que viste h...

Dendrite Snowflake_Dendrite snowflakes first occur when the temperature hovers between 30 degrees Fahrenheit degree Celsius) and 27 degrees Fahrenheit degrees_Photograph by Kenneth Libbrecht_National Geographic

Snowvember, Stellar Dendrite Snowflake print

Snowvember, Stellar Dendrite Snowflake 2014.11.20.01

Three winters ago, the photographer Douglas Levere began making detailed portraits of one of western New York’s most ubiquitous subjects: snow.


Come and explore snowflakes from outside and in during this hands-on workshop at Ravenswood Park in Gloucester, Massachusetts