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Never Forget Ghost's And Tyrants Of History Past, Same place, different time. will history repeat?



Silhouette by Alexander Khokhlov Artist and photographer Alexander Khokhlov took this brilliant photo entitled “Silhouette”, as a part of the project “Weird Beauty”. Model is Alexandra Romanova and make-up artist is Valeriya Kutsan.

Untitled by *vladinarium on deviantART

Untitled by Vladinarium Very cool photo. I wouldn't have guessed it was a photo though; Love the fog, mood, and colors.


Big hand, little city- NYC by Brian Harris Taken from his friend's apartment window, No photoshop was used in the making o this photo!

Betta need 2.5+ gallons, a place to hide, temperatures of 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit, and a filter. This doesn't provide any of those.

These unusual fish tanks display your pet in a very creative manner. An LED light, which illuminates in moon white, is built into the top (does not shine on fish). The feeding holes are on top of the fish tanks.

Wall Fish Tank / Terrarium <3

Wall Deco

Wall Fish Tank / Terrarium by Daily Green // fun! The Lil lady had this fish tank hanging on her wall for the past Best and easiest to manage ever!


Vladimir Kush atlas of wander i painting for sale - Vladimir Kush atlas of wander i is handmade art reproduction; You can shop Vladimir Kush atlas of wander i painting on canvas or frame.

One Pot, Two Lives The fish eats and ‘wastes out’ its lunch, the plant feeds on its nutrients. The plant eats some water and filters it down so it is clean for the fish. Now the challenge is can I keep both a house plant AND a fish alive?

Jarabe de Palo con Joaquín Sabina-Hice mal algunas cosas - YouTube

Jarabe de Palo con Joaquín Sabina-Hice mal algunas cosas - YouTube