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Abstract Art An exceptionally fine abstraction.Michela Mahua :: The Art Gallery :: Paintings :: Jagannath Paul

Ramesh Pachpande’s depiction of love is an ode to the simplicity with which he perceives life. His paintings live in his rural roots and depict a world of serene innocence, charm and purity, visit https://blog.eikowa.com/2016/01/18/the-serenade-of-love

Buy Couple with a Bird II Paintings Online. Steel Grey acrylic Painting by Ramesh Pachpande on Canvas, Figurative based on theme Ramesh Pachpande.

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Széchenyi Varga Sidonia: Still life

Széchenyi Varga Szidonia: Still life Born in 1965 in Kiskunfelegyhaza, Szechenyi Szidonia is a Hungarian contemporary artist. Today her fresh and beautiful floral still life paintings are known world-wide.

A group of milk maids is exhibited in this artwork who are employed in making dairy products from milk.

Buy Milk Maids artwork number a famous painting by an Indian Artist Mohan Ck. Indian Art Ideas offer contemporary and modern art at reasonable price.