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420 -Pixel Art- Icons for RPG by Ails.deviantart.com

This iconset for RPG Maker VX and Ace contains rips from the game Final Fantasy: Tactics Advance (for GBA). Final Fantasy Iconset (for RPG Maker VX and Ace)

For those of you who want to understand more about alchemy and about how you can create bread from plants. This explains how my plant to bread transmuta. Plant to Bread array explained

Street fighters

I AM STREET FIGHTER Will School You on Fighting Game Knowledge

crossconnectmag: “Drawings by Olivier Bonhomme Olivier Bonhomme (previously) is an graphic designer from Lyon, France that works in concept art, illustration, and also writing. For more of Oliver’s.

The Art of RThe Art of Ryota Murayamayota Murayama

Discover The Art of Ryota Murayama, a Freelance Artist for games based in Tokyo, Japan.

A river like this, dividing a city in half, brings to my mind what one of my cities looks like in Summeria (a city in my book).

Greatness from small beginnings

Dark Roasted Blend: Quick Shot: Dieselpunk Art

The Hub of Time by Artist Daniel Dociu via Beautiful Life What if what if what if the country was built on cog wheels and they rotated to a new spot every night and every morning.