Mais uma incrível galeria de The Book of Life, agora por Paul Sullivan

Book Of Life - Chester Cheetah drawing

Chester Cheetah enters the world of the new animated feature "The Book of Life.

VINTAGE & CHIC: decoración vintage para tu casa [] vintage home decor: Vintage Facebook

Sao Paulo ad agency Moma Propaganda created a stunning series of posters using retro illustrations to promote social media services as part of the project “Everything Ages Fast.

Gigantic - A evolução dos MOBAS ~ Gameralizando

Gigantic is a third-person, Strategic Hero Shooter packed with fast & fluid action as you fight alongside massive Guardians.

Children from the Wasteland Sergi Brosa 02

Children from the Wasteland via @pristinaorg

Children from the Wasteland by Sergi Brosa, Sergi is exactly the style of artist i want to become, i love the use of colours, the creativity he has used and taking in designs and styles of the world around him.

3D Character design of a young girl in dress

Lara is one of the main characters I modeled long ago for this movie at Kandor graphics. Character designed by Oscar Jimenez. Lara textures by Eva de Prado, hair by Antonio Frías and cloth simulation by Adolfo

THIS GUY LOOKS LIKE HE'S READY FOR ANYTHING! Casino Saga by Peter Jaworowski, via Behance

Ars Thanea’s creative work for Casino Saga, a digital casino game, is a spot featuring dynamic pirate’s chase through the colorful landscapes of Casino Saga island, filled with humor and deadly explosions.