Raven hair and ruby lips.

Betty Compson, 1897 - American violinist, actress and independent film producer. Acted in at least 50 silent and 24 sound films between

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Silent Film Stars The Fairbank Sisters (Madeline & Marion), were stage and motion picture actresses active in the silent era - photo by Alfred Cheney Johnston, c.

Classic Style - Greta Garbo

Classic Style – Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo - 1926 - 'The Temptress' - Photo by Ruth Harriet Louise - Collection of the Reisfield Family : love her hat

Pola Negri: polaca, radicou-se nos Estados Unidos após a década de 20. Ela foi uma das heroínas do cinema mudo e nas telas era considerada uma vamp

Pola Negri, Polish silent film star, born as Apolonia Chałupiec. She used to date Rudolph Valentino :) … fur. headpiece, beads hanging down

Star Headdress

fashion-in-film: “Ziegfeld Girls, 1941 Costume design: Adrian white gown with embroidered sequin stars and silver star headpiece - worn by Hedy Lamarr in the role of Sandra Kolter ”

head dress idea using jewelry I already have.

Lily Elsie - Headdress

Lily Elsie, the Edwardian Theatre actress, in Lucile costume, 1907 "The Merry Widow" costume by Lucile Ltd, Lady Duff Gordon