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N et Toucko ❤️

Ferriswheelshipping for the win! Also, where's Zekrom? And whose Reshiram is that, White's or N's? Haha but really it's an awesome piece of art.

that is why pokemon is both awesomely action packed cool and heartful. to all the troops!

Funny pictures about That's true loyalty. Oh, and cool pics about That's true loyalty. Also, That's true loyalty.

Básicamente lo que paso después de la caída

La nueva Yellow (Specialshipping) - C@pitul0 1:Algo diferente

Read Capitulo diferente from the story La nueva Yellow (Specialshipping) by (The Second Zone) with 333 reads.

❤️❤️❤️❤️ cual fila está mal?    A que sigue buscando y no se dio cuenta que ninguna está mal :v

Es la realidad tus amigos siempre estaran ahi para ayudarte ★ >>> And this, this is why being Team Instinct is the real deal.