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Orchid terrarium - I need to try this with my orchid, which has dropped all its flowers but the plant itself still seems healthy. I think it's too cold in my San Francisco window, so this terrarium is the perfect solution!

Orchid Terrarium | Ken Marten | Flickr

Chinese ground orchids growing in a terrarium. I grow this same color ground orchid, both outdoors in the ground, and in a wide pot, to bring inside to enjoy half the year. I have never thought of growing them in a terrarium.

Mini Phalaenopsis Orchids Terrarium -  Miniatures Phalaenopsis orchids will do well in small terrariums, and small ivy, fibrous-rooted begonia and small ferns can be grown with the Phalaenopsis orchids since they all enjoy the humidity that exists within a terrarium.

Mini Phalaenopsis Orchids Will Brighten Up A Terrarium, Part 2 of 2

orchid terrariums

Orchid Terrariums

Making orchid terrariums in glass jars is a lovely way to display these beautiful plants in an easy to move and care for way.

Growing a flower in an apothecary jar. Wonder if I could do his, or if it would die like all my other plants.

orchid in a jar. I used a fake orchid and purple sand but for the same effect. It's been my prettiest apothecary jar filler yet. Very striking. ~ Like they used fake flowers.

Your orchid care will never be the same! This simple idea is striking and provides a perfect environment for your little orchid. As you may know, terrariums create a very unique growing space for yourContinue reading

mason jar orchid terrarium greenery nyc - and many other cute terrarium ideas for Kathy

terrarium in tall glass | Exotic Dendrobium Orchid Terrarium in Recycled Glass | Flickr - Photo ...

terrarium in tall glass | Exotic Dendrobium Orchid Terrarium in Recycled Glass | Flickr - Photo ...

This hanging orchid.

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Custom terrarium with petrified wood | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Custom terrarium with petrified wood. I'll have to get some petrified wood when I go back to AZ!