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Light a candle for each of those you've lost. I was thinking there was not enough candles, but then I saw Sam's hair and I realized that it was very early on.

Why would you write this? And now that I've read it, it's permanent accepted part of Dean's childhood. Thanks for that. #crying #Supernatural

This is why nobody should like John Winchester, and Bobby will always win every single father of the year award despite not having biological children. I really, really, REALLY hate John Winchester

Found this on iFunny. The feels

g <---- Its the Fandom curse, I know the plots of several T. shows and movie I have never seen. << I can literally do this with things I have never seen/finished<<< guys its called the second hand fandom disease.


I hope that at some point Adam comes back<<<<Me too.imagine if he just stayed in Hell and at the end, Dean goes, "OH SHIT WE FORGOT ADAM!