Mark Sheppard.... making SuperWho happen!

Meanwhile at Comic Con Supernatural panel we find Mark Sheppard making a Doctor Who comment<< I love Mark. How can you not love Mark

Cute devils trap skirt ❤

This is necessary. You never know when you will need to rip off your skirt and use it to trap a demon. never mind you can just trap Dean the demon INSIDE of your skirt.

We wait in the dark corners of hell, seizing every opportunity.

I love that death enjoys his pizza. Supernatural has a gif/image for everything

meanwhile Misha Collins at the SPN Conventions LOL oohh Misha you're so adorkable ^_^ <3 #Supernatural

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Misha has a very good point. which kind of scares me.<<< Said men might want to watch the show first though, I'm willing to bet most of us can smell bullshit from a mile away

No need for salt or Holy water. F@$#boys die from being locked in a room with no mirrors or cameras!

We finally found a way to get rid of the shitty part of the fandom. But, seriously, You don't mess with the Supernatural fandom.

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SuperWho / Destiel AU, part While working a case, Sam and Dean discover a startling secret about their childhood friend, Rose Tyler. I don't even ship destiel

Haha! That last one was expected, but also the best!! xD

That last one was expected, but also the best!

I love this - and Mark's face.

I love this - and Mark's face.


Take the milkshake Cas! [puts milkshake in front of him and every boy on earth comes into the yard] Ō.

I’m finna bust 4 nuts

The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo - She's kinda like the little sister I never wanted. - Charlie Bradbury, Sam and Dean Winchester, Supernatural